Live Johnson

"If we can look at a painting and feel as though we have been there, then the artist is a success."

Art is a moment of connection between the artist and the painting, the painting and the viewer, the viewer and the artist. If a piece of art can evoke a sense of time, or an emotion, or keep you embraced in the subject matter, then the connection has been made and shared. Art is discovery of beauty, the beauty within and the beauty that surrounds us, and the sharing of all that beauty.

There are many elements to a good painting, but for Live Johnson it is the color that speaks... no, shouts at you! Color is her passion. Whether she paints in pastels, acrylics or watercolors, the one constant is her use of vibrant, stunning color. her goals is to have you recall her work in "LIVING COLOR!"

Plein Air painting in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado, the Central Coast of California, or on the Desert mesas of New Mexico, helps her to appreciate the indigenous beauty of the landscapes she love to paint.

Live has enjoyed studying with some greatly admired artists of the West; Roxanne Swentzell, Leigh Gusterson, Howard Post, Dean St. Clair, Donna Howell-Sickles and Kit Lynch (to name but a few). She has been privileged to have found and joined plein air groups in Colorado, California and New Mexico. These groups of talented artists have had an immeasurable impact on her. She is eternally grateful to all who have nurtured her in her pursuit of art.

Live is a Signature Member of teh Pstel Society of Colorado. She has been honored with National Awards as her art has been enjoyed and collected nationally.