Kathy Baucom Lane

In 2003, I fell in with retablos when I first saw my Mother's collection of Lydia Garcia's work in my Parent's home in El Prado, NM. The simple beauty of this form of folk art and, more importantly, the meaning behind the retablos themselves inspired me to begin painting my own retablos when I returned t my home.

I begin my work by researcing the stories behind the saints. This gives me a sense of the emotions, the feelings, I wish to convey with the facial features and poses of the saints. Also, I then use bright colors in my images to convey the sense of hope and joy that is illustrated by the lives of the saints.

I take special pleasure ub requests from people for renderings of saints with whom I am not familiar. The study I do before painting these figures allows me to deepen my understanding of what constitutes saintly living.

Through the wonderful stories of the saints and the long, venerable tradition of the santeros who produced the earliest new world images of the saints, I have come to see retablos as the representation of how God uses ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

Kathy's retablos have been exhibited at El Potrero Trading Post in Chimayo, Taos at Home and Two graces Gallery in Ranchos De Taos.