Erica Collins

Art has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember, having inherited a love of art and appreciation of nature from both sides of my family. I've always had that inside of me - that creative pull - this need to bring my ideas, eperiences and things I love - out in an artistic form.

Along with gardening, rasing children and traveling, I've worked as an artists, textile designer, and illustrator, working in watercolor, pastel, penand ink and woodcut prints.

I got involved in printmaking on a more serious level a few years ago, when I began working in the print studio at the Hui No'eau, on Maui. I learned about the wood and tools used by Japanese printmakers, and soon found that I could get the detail I was looking for. From my home in Kula, I stared a series of woodcut prints reflecting that beautiful island world, where I lived for nine years. NOw living below the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, I'm continuing with my woodcut print series, adding image inspired by the incredible high desert country.

I enjoy the process of carving images into wood, then printing each one by hand. It's a very slow process, and when it's done there's such a great joy in pulling the first print, and seeing what started out as a line drawing, take on an entirely new life of its own.

It is my hope that my art will capture a piece of this beautiful world we live in, or help a person hold onto a special experience they've had, or memory of a place they've been. It is so important... that we slow out lives down, that we take time to see, to embrace the land, the wildlife, and the wild places of our planet.

Erica has studied at The Mendocino Art Center, Quimper Art, Academy of Realist Art, and the Hui No'eau Visual Arts Center.

She has shown in galleries in Taos, Nm, Mendocino, CA, Port Townsend, WA, Sun Valley, ID, Maui and Hawaii. Her illustration have been published by Ampersand Press, Klutz Inc., Margaret McElderry Books, Outside the Box, The Wright Group, Globe Pequot Press, and Pacifica Island Art. She started her business, 'Art Cards by Erica" in 1999.