Geraldine Liermann

Artist's Statement and Technique

Art has been the major driving force of my life. My studies in Graphic Design furthered my vision of m world in terms of color, line, shape and rthythm. Photography gave me a consciousness of light and spatial relationships. My study of the history of art and architecture has given me appreciation of teh many directions the human mind has taken in on it's artistic voyage.

Up until about 8 years ago my expressions have been mostly 2 dimensional. when I discovered the gourd as a new "natural and green canvas" it seemed a logical progression for me. When I start a piece, I do not know what the results will be, I don't do preliminary sketches on paper or on the gourd, what happens, happens. Beginning with color, a possible theme or subject, my piece evolves to it's finish. In addition to my gourd work, I have recently returned to canvas usually beginning with a quick pencil sketch directly on the convas. I use acrylic paints on both media and finish with a gloss UV coating.

Some of my influences come from many years of travel in the American Southwest especially in New Mexico and Arizona and my love and study of native American culture, ancient and modern. living in San Diego for many years has given me exposure to the Hispanic culture and the proximity to Baja California meant easy access to the border, and the rich culture beyond. My recent move to Taos, NM has allowed me to live in an incredible art environment.

My work is my reaction to what I see, I hear and feel in the world; my small voice.

Geraldine Liermann