About Arroyo Seco

Situated halfway between Taos and the Taos Ski Valley, Arroyo Seco is a quaint village and a world away. The village is home to dozens of businesses that cater to both the tourist crowd who wander the main street and locals who live nearby. 'Seco' as Arroyo Seco is referred to by the locals, offers numerous gift shops, art galleries, crafts such as jewelry and pottery, eating establishments, and an assortment of varied other businesses such as a land trust office, a consignment store, a local hostel, a coffee shop, bar and massage therapy office.

The town itself, located some 7 miles north of Taos, NM, sits at an elevation of 7500 ft. There is a small stream running through the town while trees grow alongside it and lush pastures or fields spread out around the village. The zip code (87514) of the area serves some 1300 residents and covers some 1000 houses, but the town itself houses a much smaller population.

The land the current village is located on was first settled in the early 1800's, part of a Spanish land grant which was made in October 7, 1745. Over the next few decades, the population slowly grew and eventually condensed into the village in the current location. In 1834 the town finished The Church of the Most Holy Trinity, which still stands today just off the main road which dissects the town. The church was remodeled in 1915 when they added wooden floors and the pitched roof it has today.

Generally a relaxing, quiet break, and occasionally referred to by the locals as 'the jewel of Taos County', Arroyo Seco boasts an annual and popular 4th of July parade. The town swells as spectators line the road to watch the somewhat spontaneous parade where the locals drive or walk down the middle of town in all manner of costume and vehicle, dogs included. After the festivities, the village settles back down to its peaceful existence where locals have lived for the last 200 years.

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